Whether most of us realize it or not, our daily lives are radically impacted by design. From the homes we live in, to the ads we get served on our smart phones, design is integrated into our lives. It is also a big part of Indianapolis. So why not celebrate it?

That’s where Indy by Design comes in.


What is Indy by Design?

Indy by Design is an all-inclusive, week-long extravaganza commemorating all areas of design in Indianapolis.

From tech-focused design to architecture–and every space in between–we want to acknowledge all the hard work that goes into designing our city. We are dedicating time to appreciate those creatives and advocates who are in the creative grind everyday by hosting engaging and collaborative events in Indianapolis. Mark your calendars for October 21-26, 2019!

The mission of Indy by Design is to celebrate the whole multi-disciplinary design community of Indianapolis, while spreading awareness and cultivating advocacy for great design and awesome organizations in Indianapolis.

Indy by Design will be produced by AIGA Indy in partnership with local design-centric organizations.



There will be a core of featured events during the week. Other groups are invited to hold events, as well. Each day of the week will focus on a similar aspect of design, as shown below.

  • Monday  |  Tech-focused Design:  UI/UX, VR/AR
  • Tuesday  |  Environment-focused Design:  Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Design
  • Wednesday  |  Physical-focused Design:  Industrial, Fashion
  • Thursday  |  The Arts:  Photography, Illustration, Painting, Film
  • Friday  |  Graphic Design:  Print, Digital
  • Saturday  |  Finale, Wrap Up


Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Indy by Design.

  1. Join the Indy by Design Committee. We are seeking design enthusiasts to join our committee to help bring Design Indianapolis to life. Some areas needing support are: marketing, planning, sponsorships, and volunteer coordination.
  2. Partner with Indy by Design. We are looking for design-centric organizations to partner with and hold design events during the week of October 21, 2019. These events could be speakers, workshops or anything your heart desires!
  3. Become a Sponsor. From in-kind to industry-specific exclusivity, there are multiple levels of sponsorships available. Sponsorship money will go toward marketing, promotions, a wrap-up party, etc.


Partner with Indy by Design

AIGA Indy will assemble committee of members and advisors from local organizations to plan and execute Indy by Design. A representative from each Partnering Organization will be asked to be on the Indy by Design Committee–to align coordination efforts.

Indy by Design Committee responsibilities:

  • Create marketing materials, which include branding, website, and promotional material. Marketing kits with promotional material will be provided to all organizations with feature events.
  • Secure Indy by Design sponsors, which will be the overall weekly sponsors. We fully anticipate each organization to use its own sponsors as usual to fund their individual events.
  • Act as liaison of planning coordination, which involves organizing the event schedules to make sure the week runs smoothly and includes making connections between partnering organizations.

Partnering Organization responsibilities:

  • Organize event – Each organization is expected to plan their own events, per their usual routine. Indy by Design Committee will assist with any collaboration and coordination needed.
  • Secure single event sponsors
  • Promote event and Indy by Design through their owned media channels



If you have questions, please contact Ashleigh Lay, AIGA Indy Communications Director.