AIGA Indy President
Accepting Applications
The President is the Head of the AIGA household. He/She is responsible for setting the tone for the culture, structure, and objectives of the chapter. They have the honor and the responsibility to oversee and guide the strategic development of the Chapter, ensuring that Chapter activities are in alignment with the AIGA mission and community needs. The President supervises the daily administration of the Chapter including; financial management, internal communications management, and event and innovative planning. The President serves as the point of contact with AIGA’s national office, participates in a monthly call with all Chapter Presidents, writes the Chapter Annual Report and submits it to national office, keeps all Chapter affiliation documentation in good standing. He/She leads all Executive Board meetings, All Team meetings, and the annual Chapter Board Retreat. The president leads the nomination process for recruiting new Board members and oversees the transition of old to new and meets with each board member 1:1 regularly. Additionally, he/she is responsible for identifying sponsorship, outreach, and collaboration opportunities within the community.


Qualifying candidates must:
  • Be an existing AIGA Member
  • Have a flexible schedule in order to make a variety of meetings and events
  • Desire to improve, up level, and grow the Indy design community
  • Have existing connections with local designers and organizations
  • Willing and interesting in leading a volunteer team
  • Experience managing a budget and being fiscally responsible.


If interested, please email president[at] with the following:

  • Name, Company, title
  • Resume
  • Paragraph containing a brief bio on yourself, why you are interested in the position, and how you think the chapter could improve

Applications due by November 15th