Karla Scheller
Vice President, Finance | Millcraft

“Creativity is finding ways to get outside the box.”

Simply put, Karla is our deadline guru. Having spent 12 years in various board positions, she helps AIGA’s Indianapolis chapter run like a well-oiled machine. As our Vice-President of Finance, Karla is a master of the details and the keeper of the books—and she’s often the reason our projects are on time and under budget. No matter the project, Karla’s unwavering diligence makes us confident that all of our Ts are crossed and our Is are dotted.

AIGA fuels Karla’s creative side. As one of the few non-designers on our board, Karla brings balance and fresh perspectives to our team. When Karla isn’t keeping us on track or advocating in the community, you can find her at Millcraft Paper, where she’s the business development and specifications expert.

Grab a coffee with Karla: finance@indianapolis.aiga.org