Black Lives Matter.

AIGA Indianapolis supports the statement released by our national organization. We stand in solidarity with Black designers, Black creative business owners, Black educators, and Black students—as well as their families, cultures, and communities—in the condemnation of racism, intersectional discrimination, fear, and acts of violence.

We are a board of volunteers and acknowledge that we have fallen short in our efforts to connect, develop, and empower local designers of all races. We pledge to right this wrong by actively listening and educating ourselves to become better allies of our community and by continuing to stand up against racial inequalities and systemic racism.

Here are a few ways we plan to make changes within our local chapter:

Short term: We will educate ourselves about racism and white supremacy in our country and within the design field. We will share resources that promote anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion in Indianapolis, throughout the state of Indiana, and across our country. 

Long term: Although we welcome and accept board members of all races and backgrounds, our current board does not reflect that. As we continue our anti-racism work, we strive to have a board more representative of our diverse community. Moving forward, we will make choices about programming and initiatives that always consider people of color, as well as non-binary and LGBTQ+ individuals. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we encourage your feedback.

It’s important to remember what design and creative-minded people can do in a time like this. We can never underestimate our power to change this world with our creativity.



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By aigaindy
Published June 11, 2020