Our board is structured into 5 main teams. Each team plays a vital role in the success of our chapter. We are looking for people who are passionate about making the creative community a connected, adept, and engaging community.

Interested in becoming a volunteer, speaker, or workshop teacher? Let us know by getting in touch with president@indianapolis.aiga.org.

We are currently looking for:


Building a Better Chapter Team

We couldn’t do the things we do without the awesome sponsorships and partnerships we have with other community groups and companies. If you are someone who loves being connected to everything, and in the know about what other groups in the city are doing, this would be the best position for you. As Sponsorship Director, you will get to wine and dine the sponsors who help us out the most and always be on the lookout for others that can support us.

Open positions:

VP of Programming


Uniting People Team

At our core, we are a community. We are a community of creatives of all sizes, skillsets, and experience. The Uniting people team is responsible for making sure there are opportunities for people those people to connect, get to know each other and inspire each other. This may come in the form of a meetup, party, or a blog post. If you daydream about ways people could connect or learn from each other, this is the team for you.

Open Positions:



Design Impact Team:

AIGA has a commitment to public good, social impact, and civic engagement by demonstrating design’s problem-solving value while reinforcing AIGA’s leadership and influence. The Design Impact Team identifies opportunities where we can show up in the Indianapolis community and make an impact or educate others about the value of design. We do that through events like Design thinking for Kids, GUTS, and group discussions about neighborhood issues. If you’re constantly looking around you and thinking about how design can make this city a better place, this is the right committee for you.

 Open Positions:


Design Ability Team:

Creatives of all types need to continually learn their craft and how to develop professionally. AIGA wants to be a resource for our members trying to grow in different ways. We hope to create conversation amongst members and hot topics through roundtables, inspire new goals by hearing speakers, and introduce them to the right people with studio tours. In addition to those, this committee is responsible for always thinking about how AIGA can be a better resource for our members as they grow in their career. If you’re interested in raising the bar of design for Indianapolis, this is the right committee for you.

Open Positions:


Communications Team

We do a lot of awesome things and the communication team makes sure the community knows about it. This team is in charge or our newsletter, social media, and event promotion. They give us a voice and a personality while making it clear how to take advantage of your AIGA membership.  If you have written, social media or photography skills we need you. If you have ideas on how to make sure we’re communicating the best way, this is the team for you.

Open Positions:

Event Photographers



General Volunteers

General Volunteers are most often needed at events in the areas of registration, preparation of giveaway materials, ushering, and light food service. Generally, you are asked to arrive an hour before the presentation begins, you’re introduced to your fellow volunteers, and you get to work on setting up the event. At show time, you’re on your own to enjoy the presentation.

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