No matter what type of engagement you’re looking for, AIGA has an opportunity for you to connect with others and support the organization.


If you are excited about getting more involved with the association, consider the following:

How can I start getting involved?

Being a part of the creative community is what AIGA is all about. We welcome anyone who might be looking for more opportunities to get involved, meet new people and make an impact in our community. This is a good first step for anyone who wants to learn more about AIGA, has a busy schedule or can’t commit to a more permanent position within the association. Consider contributing in the following ways:

Reach out to to:

  • Sign up to do an Instagram takeover 
  • Donate design hours for event branding/promotion
  • Write a guest blog post about a topic you care about or are an expert in

Reach out to to:

  • Let us know if you have a talk you could give or a workshop you could teach
  • Donate your office or community space for our events
  • Lead or create your own event, small group or initiative
  • Be an event volunteer

Reach out to to

  • Donate your goods or services to our members
  • Sign up to be a mentor or mentee


Should I apply to join a committee?

Our local chapter is made up of four committees that directly contribute to AIGA’s mission. The committees are Communications, Uniting People, Design Ability, and Design Impact. Members of each team help execute programs and initiatives centered around those goals but are not required to be involved with overall board functions and strategy. It’s a great way to be involved on a consistent basis before deciding whether a board position is right for you to consider applying for a committee if you are:

  • Excited about the committee’s purpose and want to see the community get stronger in that way.
  • Want a position that focuses on fewer targeted goals, events or resources, rather than contributing to all of AIGA’s initiatives and strategy.
  • Looking for an opportunity to collaborate with other committee members for 6-10 hours a month including 1 monthly meeting.
  • Want to gain leadership experience

We are currently recruiting for:
Professional Development Team Member
Design Impact Team Member
Uniting People Team Member


Should I apply for a position on the local chapter’s board?

AIGA Indianapolis is a working board. This means board members are expected to help develop and execute strategic decisions. Board members collaborate monthly on chapter goals and strategy, determine events and initiatives for committees to execute and ensure that committee members are supported. You should consider applying for a board position if you are:

  • An active member of the community and have ideas on how to make it better
  • Willing to dedicate 3-7 hours a week towards AIGA-related activities including a minimum of two monthly meetings.
  • Interested in leveraging your unique perspective, set of experiences, and connections to better the chapter’s ability to be successful.
  • Ready to represent AIGA as a community leader and believe in our mission to connect, develop, and empower designers to make Indianapolis a better place to live, work, and create.

We are currently recruiting for:
Design Week Chair