AIGA Townhall | Create the Community

AIGA Town Hall | Create your Community

This just in: AIGA is hosting our annual Town Hall Event. What does that mean, exactly? After we run through the events we're gearing up for in 2017, we'll invite those in attendance to give feedback and present new ideas. Think of it as part presentation, part Q&A, part brainstorm—all fueled by pizza and beer. 

Whether you want to volunteer, have a few ideas of your own—or just want some free pizza—we invite you to join us on January 24th to Create the Community you want to be a part of. Tell us what you want out of your membership. Share an idea you've been tossing around. Become part of the movement. Volunteer for an event (or two, or three). If you're a member, we want to hear from you.

Food and Doors open at 6:00
Presentation starts at 6:30


When & Where
Tue, Jan 24, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST
The Hinge Bureau
719 Virginia Avenue, Suite 101
Indianapolis, IN 46203