Member Monday: Gail Godwin

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Human-centered graphic designer, proud Midwesterner, small coffee shop enthusiast.

Where do you work/go to school?

Indiana University Libraries Office of Communications. We are a two-(wo)man team meeting the communication needs of the main library on the Bloomington campus and its branches (about 9). Things can get a bit busy mid-semester, but supporting their student outreach and education makes it all worth it.

Favorite program/tools to use for designing?

Sketchbook with a fine-tip ​sharpie pen! Then InDesign or Photoshop. An exacto knife and self-healing mat to produce nice artifacts for review.

Design hero?

I have a pantheon of design gods—it’s hard to pick—but currently, I delight in Stefan Sagmeister and his “Send me the most Beautiful Thing You’ve ever Made” Instagram project. I love that he uses his platform and expertise to critique design from around the world, while also spotlighting smaller designers’ work.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Can I list two things? I have an obsession with photographing Indianapolis cityscapes, and I love volunteering at Indy Reads! It’s such a critical part of the Indianapolis literary and arts community—I’m so proud to be connected to them in this small way.

Favorite place in Indy?

Coat Check Coffee in the Athenaeum is one of my favorite places! If the first floor gets crowded, the second floor always has space. Try one of the pews under the stained glass at the top of the stairwell. 🙂

How and why did you get involved with AIGA? Approximately how long have you been involved with the organization?

I got involved with AIGA in undergrad (around 2013ish) at the suggestion of Jason Murdock, my typography professor at the Herron School of Art + Design. (He is now at Georgia Southern University). He was a big encourager for strengthening not just design skills but building the design community. I now make a point to engage not just with AIGA Indy but also with Creative Mornings Indianapolis, People for Urban Progress, and Indy Reads, and am always looking for opportunities to give to the community!

What are you currently working on?

Along with the typical load of design work, I’m currently training a student intern. I am beyond excited that my position gives me the opportunity to help share skills to build up the next generation of designers.

By Kailee Koehler
Published December 23, 2019