Member Spotlight – Bob Blass

This month we are diving into a day in the life of designer, Bob Blass. Bob is the president of Oornj (pronounced like orange), a creative design and marketing group that crafts brands for their clients. He’s been in this industry for 32 years, and has been absolutely loving it!

So, without further ado, please virtually meet Bob Blass, as we take a look inside a day in his life.

The Golden Hour

In order to start the day off right, Bob says “sitting on my balcony and enjoying the beauty of the Brown County morning golden hour” is the way to go. He also works alongside virtually with his Floridian based son, and together, they play “Shiny Happy People” to get the mood set for the day.

Like A Cat Juggling a Chainsaw (or Two)

As many designers can certainly relate to, the work day can be hectic at times. When challenged to describe his typical work day in one sentence, Bob describes it like a cat juggling with a chainsaw, or two, thrown in. But he says he is “always pushing to do great and memorable work for clients,” so in the end, all that juggling pays off!

Coast Guard or Airstream

To keep himself fueled, Bob takes his coffee simply with cream. He alternates between his two favorite coffee mugs; a Coast Guard mug (which reminds him of his son serving in the USCG) and his Airstream mug. Bob is a big fan of Airstream and has a 1976 Overlander that he is deciding how to rehab it (how cool!).

Bobfest 2018

When Bob isn’t changing the world through design, you can find him kayaking, hiking, playing pickleball at the Y, or playing the banjo. He is also actively planning his next BobFest, which he describes as a ‘tiny version of a cleaned up Woodstock – friends, music, food, camping and fun on a Saturday in October.” He hosts everyone at his home, on 12 wooded acres, while featuring a main act from Bigfoot Yancey. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to that?

Checked Off the List

Most recently, Bob has finished graphics for the new Brown County CVB website as well as a campaign for the Shepherd Community Center.

Compassionate & Passionate

When asked how his co-workers would describe himself, Bob says they would say he is compassionate towards people and passionate about his work. Couldn’t ask for better things to be known for!

To see more than just a day in the life of Bob, visit his feed on instagram at @bob.blass or check out more of his work at!



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By aigaindy
Published September 10, 2018