Member Spotlight – Kailee Koehler

This month we are diving into a day in the life of designer, Kailee Koehler. Kailee is a remote Lead Designer at eProfit Marketing, an Atlanta based company that focuses on advertising and telecommunications.

Please virtually meet Kailee Koehler, and get a glimpse inside a day in her life.

Easing Into the Day

To ensure she starts her day off on the right foot, Kailee eases into the morning by “checking social media or reading a book or scripture,” then taking her dog, Dyson, for a walk. If she has time, she attempts to get in a quick yoga session, but Dyson usually interrupts her. Nama-stay away, Pup!

Emails by Day, Side Projects by Night

A typical work day for Kailee involves designing emails throughout the day. When she gets home she switches gears to hand lettering, screen printing, or any other side projects she has going on at the moment.

Donuts or Chick-fil-A

When Kailee is downtown for the day, she usually brings her lunch along, or goes out to Nada. If you’ve been, I am sure you can agree with her when she says that “everything is good, but I go for the doughnut.” (If you didn’t know Nada had amazing churros/doughnuts – now you do!). When Kailee is working from home for the day, she enjoys eating outside or going on a Chick-fil-A run, which I am sure many people can agree with as well!

Coffee is Key

When getting that cup of joe to make it through the day, Kailee sticks to “just black or White Chocolate Mocha.”

Out of Office

Outside of her hours spent designing emails at work and completing side projects at home, Kailee says she likes to spend her free time with her “husband and dog, trying out new breweries, or playing board games with friends.”

Working Remote

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of how her co-workers describe her is “remote.” Afterall, eProfit is an Atlanta based company, so Kailee works remote here in our beloved city Indianapolis. Her co-workers would also say that she is “a hard worker that doesn’t take enough breaks.”

To see more than just a day in the life of Kailee, follow her on instagram at @KaileeKoehler or check out more of her design work on Dribbble!

By aigaindy
Published October 3, 2018