Member Spotlight – Michael Meek

We are at it again! If you enjoyed the first ‘Day in the Life of an AIGA Creative’ blog post, you’ll keep loving the ones to come.

This time around, we turn our focus to Michael Meek, a designer at a Zionsville marketing agency called CSM Sport & Entertainment. Bring on the sports, and bring on the entertainment.

So, without further ado, please virtually meet Michael Meek, as we take a look inside a day in his life.


Air Guitar Solos & High Harmonies

How does Michael start off his day, you ask? How everyone should start off their day – with a ‘rockin’ air guitar solo and high harmonies.’ After a jam session, he follows up with some scripture and breakfast. And that, my friends, is how he knows it is going to be a great day. Who can second that?

A Typical Work Day

When it comes to living the 8am-5pm dream, Michael describes his typical work day as ‘finding the balance in being creative AND meeting very tight deadlines,’ something many designers can relate to.

Good Meal, Good People

Let’s get to the most important part of the day – lunch. Michael enjoys a good meal with good people. His top 5 places to eat on his break are Burgerfuel, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle (sorry, Qdoba lovers), Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, or Blaze Pizza.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When it comes to free time throughout the week, Michael is ‘usually doing more work, but hanging out with friends, playing with his dog, Samson, or going to the movies.’ A healthy balance of work time and play time!

Mr. Mysterious

When asked what Michael was currently checking off his design to do list, he said ‘If I told you I’d have to kill you.’ (Yikes). He then explained, ‘seriously though, due to the nature surrounding some of my work, I can’t share the who and what.’

At least he didn’t completely leave us hanging and said to check back in a couple months once it goes public. We can’t wait to see the reveal!

Creativity & Humor

When asked how his co-workers would describe him, Michael responded with ‘Creative, addictive (I may or may not have a shopping problem), and funny.” Shopping gets the best of us sometimes, but creativity and humor couldn’t be better qualities to have in the workplace!


Click here to view one of Michael’s most recent projects! To see more than just a day in the life of Michael, visit his feed on instagram at @thedudewithglasses, or check out more of his work on Dribbble!

By aigaindy
Published July 1, 2018