Member Spotlight – Sara Altizer

This month we are diving into a day in the life of Indianapolis creative, Sara Altizer. Sara works remotely as the Head of Marketing & Creative Services at Blue Beyond Consulting, a California based consulting company.

Please virtually meet Sara, and take a glimpse inside a day in her life!

Silly Songs & Earl Grey Tea

Mornings can be tough, but to ensure she starts the day in a good mood, Sara puts on a silly song while waking up her 3-year-old son for school. Once that is taken care of, she likes to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea and head in to her home office and get to work. This typically involves “cranking up some Spotify tunes and making a list of priorities for the day.” What more could you possibly need to start the morning off great?

Quiet & Productive

Since Sara works remotely for the Golden State based company, her mornings are typically quiet and productive.

Being the Head of Marketing and Creative services, her extensive to-do list usually consists of anything from “checking in and collaborating with her local team on creative client projects, reviewing or building website pages” to “planning and thinking strategically about upcoming initiatives.” It’s no wonder she feels as though her to-do list “changes about half a dozen times and has somehow gotten longer!”

Food is Fuel

“You can’t be your best self if you’re not nourished properly” – can’t disagree with that. Sara believes food is fuel, and her favorite spot to fuel up is a hidden Broad Ripple gem known as Ezra’s Enlightened Café. They have a 4.9/5 star review, and if that isn’t enough to get you to try it, check it out here for yourself.  

Coffee is Fuel, Too

When asked how Sara takes her coffee, she replied, “I’m more of a tea drinker, but when I have coffee, it’s in the form of a mocha…because: chocolate!” Raise your hand if you can agree with that!  

The Simple Things

For Sara outside of the office, “toddler free time” is hard to come by. Because of that, she says “it’s the simple things she appreciates the most: “going on a walk or bike ride with my hubby, spending time with friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine in my backyard…and SLEEP.”

Taking time to stop and smell the wine, I mean, roses, catch up with friends, family and sleep is something we all can take note of.

Posters, Assets & Frameworks, Oh My!

Alongside a Fortune 500 client, a consulting team, and a creative team, Sara’s describes the latest project she checked off her list as “an amazing collaboration.” The teams have been working on developing and launching their new leadership competency framework and Sara has worked on posters and various other visual assets to help communicate their client’s story.

Compassionate & Authentic

When asked how her co-workers described her, Sara said “creative, compassionate, authentic, and supportive.” All great attributes to have as a professional designer.

To see more than just a day in the life of Sara, show her some love and give her a follow on Instagram: sara_altizer

By aigaindy
Published November 7, 2018