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02/14/20: Production Artist at Monarch Beverage

Full-time, 1-5 yrs. experience


02/8/20: Graphic Designer Specialist at Newfields

Full-time, 0 yrs. experience


02/1/20: Graphic Designer and Communications Strategist at Allison Transmission

Full-time, 5+ yrs. experience


1/29/20: Product Designer at ActiveCampaign

Full-time, 1-5 yrs experience


1/26/20: Visiting Asst Prof, Visual Communication Design/Graphic Design at Purdue University/Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance

Full-time, 0 yrs. experience


1/22/20: Director of Multimedia Design at Sigma Kappa

Full-time, 1-5 yrs. experience


1/2/20: Visual Designer at Valve+Meter

Full-time, 1-5 yrs. experience