Rohit Jesudian
Membership Director

I am a father of 2 lovely girls and a husband to a confident and beautiful woman who pushes me to reach beyond my abilities. I hail from the cultural city of Mumbai, grew up in the architectural wonder that is Dubai, and before coming to the US for college (in 2010), lived in Yemen, a land when time stood still. My experiences have shaped who I am, and how I understand the beauty in our diversity as individuals. I love diving in the sand, after a volleyball, or blocking fierce attackers as they try and shoot a soccer goal. I can usually be found strumming up some new tune or humming to an age-old beat. Most recently I have taken to collecting the choicest elixirs from Scotland, Ireland, and America and enjoy throwing (socially distanced) whiskey tastings, with some friends. I enjoy spending time with college students and new graduates, giving talks, mentoring, and advising them as they forge their path into the industry.