A Day In The Life Of Our Board Member: Laura Merriman

As the year comes to an end, we are taking this month to dive into a day in the life of one of our very own Board Members, Laura Merriman, Element Three Art Director and AIGA Indianapolis Secretary.

Please virtually meet Laura (if you have not already at one of our many events), and take a glimpse inside a day in her life!

Don’t Wake Me Up, Up, Up
First things first: Laura starts her day off with a coffee or tea and no breakfast because her body doesn’t wake up until 9AM (whose does?!). She describes her coffee as “high maintenance: latte with skim or coconut milk.”

Never-ending + Ever-evolving
A typical work day for Laura involves an “ever-evolving mix of web design for paid campaign and websites, brand strategy and design, visualizing digital strategy for presentations/reports, and occasionally going on and planning photo/video shoots!”

Lunch Time
When Laura takes a lunch break from working on those ever-evolving mix of projects, her two favorite spots are First Watch or Chipotle. Sounds like her and Michael Meek would get along since he too, is a Chipotle over Qdoba fan!

Netflix & Free Time
In her free time, Laura says she “watches way too much TV” and works on freelance projects, photographs weddings, rides her bike, and tries to learn the flute!

Big Ideas
On Laura’s checklist today, she crossed off some “digital report layouts for print production, concepted “big ideas” for 2019 for a client, and finalized a variety of Facebook paid ad display assets for a new product campaign”

A Reliable Problem-solver
When asked how her co-workers would describe her, they said she is a reliable problem solver — the AIGA Indianapolis Board seconds that!

To see more than just a day in the life of Laura, show her some love on Instagramor check out some of her work on Dribbble!



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By aigaindy
Published December 12, 2018