Indy’s Best Coffee Shops for Designers Working Remotely

Looking for the perfect office away from home? Check out these local coffee shops made for remote designers. This list compiles and ranks coffeehouses within the Indianapolis metro area based on factors that contribute to the ideal working environment for creatives. Find hours of operation, parking availability, and even alternative options for the dairy wary below. All of these coffee shops feature workspace access, steady Wi-Fi, and, of course, delicious coffee!


1. Provider
Location: 1101 E 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-10p, Sat 8a-6p, Sun 8a-10p
Parking: Private Lot, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Pistachio Latte, flavorful and photogenic
Dairy Wary Alternatives: oat & cashew milk

Topping the list, Provider truly *provides* the ideal working experience. A local favorite, Provider serves Tinker House coffee alongside alcoholic beverages and an array of snacks and sandwiches. Even at their busiest, there are plenty of chairs, tables, and bars to work at, complete with extra electrical outlets. When weather permits, the patio is a gorgeous, dog-friendly space to chat, mingle, and meet deadlines. Instagram-worthy lattes and decor, ample free parking, and an abundance of workspace options make Provider the perfect haven for designers working remotely.

Update: As of January 2019, Provider will be a laptop-free space according to their Instagram. Provider’s updated policy reads “There is a $5 minimum ticket per hour for use of laptops, tablets, and study materials in [their] space, and [they] ask that [their] guests refrain from using these items on Saturdays from 9a-3p and Sundays from 10:30a-12:30p.”

Check them out on Instagram @providerindy


2. Indie Coffee Roasters
Location: 220 E Main Street, Carmel, IN 46032
Hours: Mon-Sat 7a-6p, Sun Closed
Parking: Street, Public Lot Nearby, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: The Scotty, traditional macchiato with cherry bitters that had our tails wagging
Dairy Wary Alternatives: coconut & oat milk

Inspired by the miniature dachshund mascot named Indie, this coffee shop is a caffeine-seeking designer’s dream. Refreshing typography flows along the walls of this coffee shop, lovingly referred to as The Doghouse, located in the Carmel Arts District. An abundance of comfy seating is available as well as communal tables, perfect for larger groups or for the recluse looking to change their ways. The seating area is slightly divided with partial walls for a less noisy work environment. When the weather cooperates, enjoy the Indiana sun on the patio.

Check them out on Instagram @indiecoffeeroasters


3. Coat Check Coffee
Location: 401 E Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-7p, Sat-Sun 8a-6p
Parking: Street, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Ginger Latte or Butterscotch Latte, we literally couldn’t choose
Dairy Wary Alternatives: oat & cashew milk

A companion shop to Provider, it’s no wonder Coat Check Coffee ranks high on this list. From the classic Coat Check Cola to the buttery chocolate croissants, this converted coat check on the first floor of the Athenæum on Mass Ave is full of flavor. They also feature various dairies that contribute to their beverages, and their dairy substitutes are homemade. Cozy and relatively quiet, Coat Check offers more than enough seating and tables that are easy to claim and set up shop for the afternoon.

Check them out on Instagram @coatcheckcoffee


4. Foundry Provisions
Location: 236 E 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-6p, Sat 8a-4p, Sun 8a-3p
Parking: Street, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Chai Latte, a classic
Dairy Wary Alternatives: soy & macadamia milk

The signature little red building on the corner is hard to miss, and for good reason! In the heart of historic Herron-Morton Place neighborhood downtown, Foundry Provisions is a top contender for remote designers seeking caffeine and workspace. While the service may be a little slow, you’ll have plenty of time to stake out your spot before getting your workday started. Take your laptop outside and enjoy the patio while you work, or snag yourself a seat inside. With outlets available almost everywhere, you can stay there ‘til the job gets done!

Check them out on Instagram @foundryindy


5. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company
Location: 647 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Hours: Mon-Sat 7a-6p, Closed Sunday
Parking: Street, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Calvin Pepper, it’s a namesake, it has to be good
Dairy Wary Alternatives: coconut & almond milk

Looking to be community-conscious with your coffee while you work? Calvin Fletcher’s does just the trick. With their tip jar generously pledged towards a different local charity every month, this non-profit has a wonderful sense of community and service. They also sell local art and handmade goods from neighborhood artists. Windows and skylights welcome in natural light to the space. While parking may be difficult at times, you can rest easy once inside. With plenty of couches, tables, and chairs, Calvin’s Fletcher’s is a welcoming office for the day for the remote designer. The coffee hits the spot, there’s plenty of space to work, and it’s all centered around aiding good causes around town. What more could you ask for?

Check them out on Instagram @calvinfletcherscoffeeco


6. Quills Coffee
Location: 335 W 9th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Hours: Mon-Thurs 6:30a-6p, F 6:30a-7p, Sat & Sun 8a-7p
Parking: Street, Garage, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: The Alchemist, a delicious experiment with coffee, cayenne, and cinnamon
Dairy Wary Alternatives: soy & almond milk

Located in the lobby area of the Nine on Canal apartment building, Quills Coffee is a tucked-away oasis for both students and designers. There’s plenty of seating and tables as well as private meeting rooms that are first-come, first-serve. Parking can be tricky, but Quills does validate garage parking for up to 2 hours. Simply bring your ticket up to the counter before you head out of your remote “office” for the day.

Check them out on Instagram @quillscoffee


7. Neidhammer Coffee Co.
Location: 2104 E Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201
Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-6p, Sat 8a-6p, Sun 12:30p-6p
Parking: Street, Tiny Private Lot, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Apple Butter Latte, the name alone melts in your mouth
Dairy Wary Alternatives: almond milk

Large front windows welcome you (and tons of natural light) in at Neidhammer, a revitalized historic building on the Near Eastside. Formerly a pharmacy, the interior has been renovated to expose brick and industrial features full of character. Try their homemade apple butter, opt for their donut-milk in your coffee, or order the perfect crepe to get your workday started right. The Neidhammer is also connected to Ash & Elm so be sure to check out their delicious cider for an afternoon pick-me-up. With endless coffee options and electrical outlets at every table, Neidhammer will keep you (and your laptop) charged up for the workday.

Check them out on Instagram @neidhammercoffee


8. The Well Coffeehouse
Location: 8890 E 116th St #120, Fishers, IN 46038
Hours: Mon-Fri 6a-8p, Sat 8a-8p, Sun 8a-4p
Parking: (Just a few) Street, Garage, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Cuban latte- espresso + steamed sweetened condensed milk = bliss
Dairy Wary Alternatives: soy & almond milk

Well, well, well, if it isn’t coffee with an amazing cause! Based around faith and service, this coffeehouse company started in Nashville, Tennessee and expanded to include this first location in the Indiana area. The Well Coffeehouse donates proceeds raised to build wells in countries lacking much needed clean drinking water. The cup runneth over for tables, chairs, and outlets so you can almost always find a place to be productive. Private conference rooms are also available. To rent a conference room, reserve 24 hours in advance by buying a gift card ($40 first hour, $10 every extra hour). Free parking in the nearby garage makes The Well Coffeehouse a perfect location to meet, mingle, and make the most of your workday.

Check them out on Instagram @wellcoffeehousefishers


9. Monon Coffee Company
Location: 920 E Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30a-8p, Sat 7a-8p, Sun 8a-8p
Parking: Street, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: White Zombie, tastes like hot chocolate, but double the coffee
Dairy Wary Alternatives: almond, soy, and coconut milk

Located in Broad Ripple, Monon Coffee Company offers a cozy environment with delicious coffee. If you like more than just coffee while you work, this is the place for you. Choose from a variety of syrups for coffee and cold drinks like cream sodas, freezes, etc. Be sure to check out their rotating seasonal drink specials as well as their assortment of vegan treats. Monon Coffee feels like both a cafe and a living room with a bar, round tables, comfy couches and a cushioned window seat to people watch while you work. The backroom also has tables and outlets available when the front gets busy. There is metered parking available up front as well as free parking around back, but the space is rather limited. If you’re in the Broad Ripple area looking to be productive, Monon Coffee Company is at your service.

Check them out on Instagram @mononcoffeeco


10. Kaffeine Coffee
Location: 707 Fulton Street Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Hours: Mon-Sat 6a-6p. Sun 8a-2p
Parking: Street, Bike rack
Drink Suggestion: Spanish latte, muy bueno
Dairy Wary Alternatives: soy & almond milk

Truly a hidden gem, Kaffeine Coffee is tucked away and easy to miss. This converted garage warehouse space boasts international coffee options. Kaffeine Coffee offers a fair amount of seating and tables, perfect for studying and working. There’s also a bar with ample outlet availability. When it’s warm, the large garage door is open to enjoy the nice weather. That being said, on extreme temperature days, the coffee shop can be temperature temperamental. Be warned: parking can be difficult as there are only a handful of spots right out front.

Check them out on Instagram @kaffeinecoffee


Still craving a caffeine fix? Check out some of Indy’s newest up and comers:

Commissary Barber & Barista
Location: 304 E New York Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30a-7p, Sat 8a-7p, Sun 9a-6p
Parking: Street, Bike Rack
Drink Suggestion: Apple Jack latte, an original
Dairy Wary Alternatives: oat milk

New coffee shop on the block alert- check out Commissary Barber & Barista for a fresh cut and cup of caffeine! Nestled under the Vienna, Commissary is strategically split between barbershop and coffee house. With an emphasis on “hidden,” this hidden gem is easy to miss walking by. Try looking down instead of up as they are located just below street level. Commissary offers skilled barbers on one side as well as some seriously helpful baristas that are ready to recommend the perfect drink on the other side. Commissary has an assortment of coffee, homemade syrups, beer, and wine sure to please anyone stopping by. This coffee shop also showcases some drool-worthy branding that is, dare I say, a cut above the rest. Though somewhat limited in space, the location, coffee, and decor make Commissary an ideal meeting location for designers and clients alike.

Check them out on Instagram @commissaryindy


Dry Bones Mud House
Location: 525 S Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-4p, Sat 9a-3p, Sun Closed
Parking: Street
Drink Suggestion: Montreal Miel, latte with maple and cinnamon heaven
Dairy Wary Alternatives: soy, almond, and coconut milk

A new addition to the Union 525 building as of May 2018, Dry Bones Mudhouse boasts and roasts local Tinker House coffee as well as loose leaf teas and nitro cold brews. Unsure of what to get? Ask the friendly baristas, they are eager to help you make the most of your coffee choice. There’s a variety of comfortable seating options as well as whiteboard tables perfect for brainstorming and sketching. With bright natural light and a relaxed atmosphere, Dry Bones Mudhouse is a nice new place to get your work done.

Check them out on Instagram @drybonesmudhouse. Psst! Search for #DBMHsecretmenu while you’re there, too.


Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

By Brooke Featherston
Published December 12, 2018