2017 Student Portfolio Review

The time has come for AIGA Indy's annual Student Portfolio Review!

Design Students, this is your chance to share your portfolios with professional practicing designers in the community, to get feedback and to engage in insightful discussions. Design Professionals, this is an opportunity to see a fresh crop of student work, and pass on some of your hard-earned wisdom! You can even "sponsor" an award, and give a gift of your choosing in a range of categories to a deserving student.

So come on out to the amazing DeveloperTown, enjoy some light refreshments and be a part of our burgeoning design community!

The event will be from 9am-12pm, so please plan on arriving by 8:45am.

Register (for free!) under the “Professional” ticket type to sign up to be a Professional Reviewer! 
Details on how to "sponsor" an award below.

Try to arrive around 8:45am to begin setting up. 

What to bring:

- Your portfolio! (digital or physical pieces) 
*(You will have roughly a 2"x2" space on the table to set up your work; please plan accordingly!)*

- Business cards/Resume/Fun Takeaways
- Other helpful things: Laptop/Tablet/Phone charger; Paper/pen; Mints; a friendly handshake

Be on the lookout for an email about 1 week prior to the event requesting information on your particular "focus area!"



The first half of the event will focus on pairing up reviewers with students, so that each student will have about three 15-minute one-on-one reviews from a practicing design professional. Upon entering the event, professionals will be assigned specific table numbers and will rotate after each of the 15-minute intervals.

The second half of the event will be an open review, where professionals will be able to wander around and visit different student table areas. There will still be timed 10-minute intervals, but those will serve as more of a reminder prompt to move on to visit someone else.

Sponsoring Awards

Professionals are invited to sponsor and present awards to deserving students with exceptional work, in one of the following categories (these categories will quickly disappear as award sponsors come in!):


Design for Good

Design Strategy

Environmental Graphic Design


New Media/Interactive Design





UI/UX Design

Any type of award is welcome! (Examples: a design book, gift card, cash award, company swag, etc.) Presentation of these awards will take place at the end of the event.

How do I sponsor an award?

1) Fill out the brief questionnaire (link below) so we know what category and what type of award you would like to sponsor:


2) On the day of the event, bring the award when you check-in; you will be directed where to put it and what to do.

3) During the event, be on the lookout for your awardee in your category; make sure to jot down their name and table number!

4) At 11:15am, we will announce to have all award sponsors gather at the stage; at 11:30am we will begin the awards ceremony and each sponsor will have the chance to announce their award and give it to the student (in addition to a certificate that we will provide).

9:00-9:20     |  Set up, Mingle, Coffee & Snacks (review packet & student set-up)

9:20-9:30     |  Introduction

9:30-9:45     |  Review #1

9:45-9:50     |  Transition

9:50-10:05   | Review #2

10:05-10:10 | Transition

10:10-10:25 | Review #3

10:25-10:30 | Announcement for Break/Second Portion

10:30-10:45 | BREAK

10:45-11:15 | Open Review (10minute time-checks: 10:55/11:05/11:15)

11:15-11:20 | Announcement to gather Award Sponsors

11:20-11:30 | Gather Award Sponsors at Stage

11:30-12:00 | Awards Ceremony

If you have any questions, please contact our Education Director at: pamela@indianapolis.aiga.org


When & Where
Sat, Apr 1, 2017 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
5255 Winthrop Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220