# Sharp Studio: A Workshop for Creatives

# Sharp Studio — Personal Habits, Project Management Tactics, and Productivity Boosts for Solo Practitioners and Small Creative Teams

Ever get lost somewhere between the spark of inspiration and the drool-worthy end result posted on Pinterest? It's not just you — too many designers and other creative pros find themselves frustrated, disorganized, overwhelmed, and working overtime because they haven't refined a process — a solid "how" they can rely on. Amazing work doesn't happen on its own but requires structures and systems to contain wild ideas and keep things moving toward a fruitful end.  

Creating these processes doesn't require super-powers. We can all do it. Imagine being more organized, less stressed, and in complete control of your projects from day one. Think how nice it would be to have all your portfolio pieces — and work-in-progress files — at your fingertips.

Sharp Studio is an interactive workshop where we, ordinary mortal creatives, will build practical, straightforward work processes for better work, more efficient communication, and productive habits we can actually stick to. We'll develop repeatable, logical methods for beginning projects and shepherding them to completion. We'll create rituals to mark the start and conclusion of projects, and celebrate the milestones in between. We'll go beyond the technology of project management and break down the mindsets and techniques that make things go — and we'll have a little fun along the way!

This workshop is led by Prescott Perez-Fox, Brooklyn-based brand strategist & art director, and founder of The Busy Creator Podcast and the New York City Podcast Meetup. A veteran freelancer, Prescott has worked in dozens of agencies and in-house teams in New York, Philadelphia, and London, often stealing good ideas from even the sloppiest studios, and learning hard lessons along the way. As a solo practitioner, Prescott has been able to experiment with different productivity tools & methods, from software to sleep routines, to improve his work and satisfy his clients.

Want to know more about Prescott? Check out a couple of his podcasts at The Busy Creator

When & Where
Thu, Mar 23, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Element 3
3500 Depauw Blvd. Suite 3050
Pyramid Three, 11th Floor
Indianapolis, IN 46268