Member Monday: Chad Von Borstel

This Monday’s Member is Chad Von Borstel. Follow him on Instagram and view his portfolio site. Also, connect with him on LinkedIn.


Describe yourself in one sentence.

I am a creative hungry designer and artist who is doing everything I can to be creative and curious every day.

Where do you work/go to school?

I went to school at Indiana Wesleyan University & studied Graphic Design and Illustration.

Favorite program/tools to use for designing?

My favorite tools are the Adobe suite and I jump back and forth from Sketchbook pro and Procreate for my drawing apps.

Design hero?

My current designer who I look up too is Chip Kidd. It changes everyday from super big names in the design world, to the just recent college grads. Great designers are everywhere.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

My favorite thing to do outside of the creative industry is to bartend. I love to cook. I always have, so when I started experimenting with bartending, it’s like cooking with only liquids and it’s one of the easiest environments to connect with people. I have now begun a deep dive on mixology and have studied books and videos on the practices and history.

Favorite place in Indy?

My current favorite place in Indy is the Commissary coffee & Barber shop. It’s located in the Fountain Square neighborhood and it’s an amazing work space as well as the best coffee I’ve ever had.

How and why did you get involved with AIGA? Approximately how long have you been involved with the organization?

I got involved with AIGA during college about one and half years ago. I wanted to be more involved with the Indy design community, and wanted to surround myself as much as one can with creatives and amazing people.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently freelancing and working with some clients for t-shirt illustrations and branding. I am also constantly designing liquor and beer labels for practice as that’s the future design industry that I want to be a part of. I also might possibly try to get a bartending job to have the best of both worlds, but who knows if I can schedule both in a healthy manner.

Any projects you want to highlight?

A past project that I want to highlight would be “Main St. Coffee”. It was a group collaboration with 2 other designers to help bridge a gap in a college town between the students and local townspeople. We decided that the best place for all to meet was at a coffee house. But the school had one on campus and the town had one as well, so there was no reason for anyone to interact with each other. So our idea was to have the college make a 2nd location in the heart of the city that would be run by students and owned by the school, under a different name. That way students would come to study and locals would come to visit due to its location and its great coffee.  If you are at all interested in the case study or want to see any of my other work. Please feel free to look at my website And check out my Instagram @bitter_citrus.

By Kailee Koehler
Published July 27, 2020